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Month: November 2016

Who is Jen Ferruggia

In the world of diets and workout plans, there are a few that stand out as complete systems with proven results, especially for women. While there are many who claim to be fitness professionals, few have the results to back...

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Niacin Health Benefits

What are the Health Benefits of Taking Niacin? Niacin is actually a vitamin. Vitamin B3 to be exact. Vitamin B3 is very important for your cardiovascular system and metabolism. In fact, niacin can help prevent or even reverse...

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About Me


Hi! I’m Sophie, and I am a runner, blogger, traveler and fitness junkie! I love sharing my passion for nutrition and healthy living with my readers. I believe that healthy living encompasses all areas of our lives (body, mind, and soul). I hope to inspire women to lead an active, healthy lifestyle and balance to their lives. Life is about discovering what makes you happy, being real & loving yourself inside and out.

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