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Boomer Nutrition Cannabidiol (CBD)

A Review on Boomer Natural Wellness’s Cannabidiol (CBD) Products I don’t typically look into face and skin creams because I like to focus more on health and wellness. However I have come across something that I was...

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Best Keto Potassium Supplement

What are the Best Potassium Supplements to Take for the Keto Diet? Potassium is one of the single most important minerals in your body. I believe it is also the most underrated mineral as well. Potassium is an electrolyte. Most...

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Easy Ways to Help You Drink More Water

Super Easy Ways to help you Increase your Water Consumption Water is the most important ingredient for our bodies. Water is our life blood, many illnesses and diseases can be helped or possibly prevented by drinking lots of...

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Who is Shawna Kaminski?

Who is Shawna Kaminski and Can She Help You Hit Your Goals? Shawna Kaminski is a Canadian born workout professional, she specializes in staying in shape and losing weight for women over 40. Shawna her self is a mother of two,...

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What Are Balancing/Auxiliary Muscles

Have You Heard of Balancing or Auxiliary Muscles? Our bodies are built for movement across all types of terrain. Whether it’s climbing a tree or swimming the English Channel our bodies were made to move around. However now...

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Niacin Health Benefits

What are the Health Benefits of Taking Niacin? Niacin is actually a vitamin. Vitamin B3 to be exact. Vitamin B3 is very important for your cardiovascular system and metabolism. In fact, niacin can help prevent or even reverse...

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Are Weight Loss Supplements Safe?

Are Weight Loss Supplements A Safe Way To Lose Weight? Weight loss supplements sound like a fantastic idea. I mean, who wouldn’t want to sit around and continue eating junk food but have this pill magically take the weight...

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