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Biostrap Fitness Tracker Review

In the land of wearable fitness trackers its easy to get lost. I used to be a FitBit girl but i wasn’t satisfied with the features and I didn’t think that the fitness tracking was as accurate as it should be. In my search I have stumbled upon what some say is the "world’s most advanced" fitness tracker. Here is what you should now about it!

What is Biostrap? 

Biostrap Tracker

While most fitness trackers are a single device, Biostrap features two separate wearables to more actually measure and track for activity. I always thought that fitness trackers that just go around your wrist were not that accurate. For example, your fitness tracker isn’t tracking your steps when you are carrying something or pushing a shopping cart since your arms are still.

I’ve also had issues with fitness trackers not being able to track stairs. Biostrap says that our movements are too advanced for just one tracker. It uses two trackers to accurately measure performance and allow you to take your training to the next level. 

How does Biostrap work? 

Biostrap is a fitness tracker that works in two parts. The first part goes around your wrist and tracks your heart rate. The other part clips onto your shoe to track your movement. Biostrap uses algorithms to identify and analysis your movements. It is able to detect and give you detailed information about your reps, form, consistency and duration of your workout. 

There is also automatic clarification for common cardio activities like running, swimming, walking, rowing, elliptical training, using the stair master, and biking. Another cool feature is that you can create your own library of custom workouts. You can easily record a repetitive workout and Biostrap will save this and recognize it the next time you do that workout. 

The Birostrap devices have a pretty good battery life. The wrist band has a 5 day battery life and the shoe sensor has a 8 day battery life. The wrist band is 5 ATM waterproof but the shoepod is only splash proof. You can charge both devices wirelessly

Biostrap Heart Rate Monitoring

I was really exicited to get my Apple Watch because I thought it was going to have a awesome heart rate tracker. I was pretty disappointed with it’s accuracy. When I looked at my heart rate during a workout, I knew it was not accurate and it was reading too low and often with a delay.

Biostrap uses photoplethysmography (PPG) to monitor and analyze your heart rate activity. Unlike other heart rate monitoring fitness trackers, Biostrap uses clinical-grade PPG sensor, making it extremely accurate. They clim that they use the same sensor technology that is used in the health care industry.

By using PPG they are able to accurately monitor:

  • Heart Rate
  • Blood Oxygen Saturation
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Sleep Analysis
The Biostrap App
Biostrap Fitness Features

Currently the Biostrap app is only available in the Apple app store and is currently going through testing for Android. You can sign up on their website to be alerted when it does become available for Android.

The Biostrap app offers many of the same features that you will find on other fitness apps. It has a very clean user interface and you can use the data collected to optimize your workouts. Cardio workouts will automatically be recognized and recorded on the app and if you are doing resistance workouts with reps you can quickly track those too.

From the app’s dashboard you can get a quick glance at your fitness level and activity throughout the day. One of my favorite features is how you can track and monitor your heart rate throughout the day.

Where to buy Biostrap and Price

Biostrap Charging Dock

Biostrap is a fairly new product that launched in Spring of 2017. You can currently buy Biostrap through it’s official website at The fitness tracker sells for $250.00. You can also apply to get the tracker for $22 monthly payments.

If you aren’t a athlete or just want a fitness tracker but you don’t need accurate workout monitoring you can get Biostrap without the Shoepod sensor. If you are just looking to buy the wrist fitness tracker it will cost you $179.00. But most people buy the set.

When you buy Biostrap from the official retailer you will be eligible for a 30-day return and a 90-day warranty. If you try Biostrap and decide it’s not for you within 30 days you can contact their customer service at to start the return process.

Biostrap will come with three universal wrist bands in the following colors: navy, white, and black. 

What’s inside the box?

  • Shoepod Sensor
  • Wristband Sensor
  • 3 Wrist bands with universal fit
  • Shoeclip
  • USB charging cable
  • Charging dock

Biostrap Reviews and Testimonials 

This is a fairly new product so it wasn’t easy finding people that have bought and tried it out. I liked Biostrap more than my Apple Watch, I thought it was a lot more accurate at measuring workouts and monitoring activity. It provided more in-depth data and a ton of insight into my workouts. You can read reviews on the Biostrap fitness tracker, there are a little over 70 reviews and most people give it a 5/5 rating. Here are a couple Biostrap reviews that I found helpful:

"Alright. I geek out about wearables. I owned the first version of fitbit and every version of apple watch. I fully believe that there are a lot of improvements to make for most wearables, and biostrap is no exception—although I do really enjoy it. The biometric tracking is nice. It's true, they track a lot of insightful health data. It is worth noting that you can find some of these other places/other products. The kicker for biostrap is the activity classification. This is what really sets it apart from competitors. I haven't fully put it into practice yet, but recording the activities is reeeally interesting. You just click a button, do some squats (or whatever exercise), and it recognizes it. It's a super seamless process. Anyway, I'd recommend for fitness people. Especially if you want an activity tracker.” - Connor M.

"Biostrap has been wonderful for tracking my husband's sleep apnea. The blood saturation monitoring helped us realize how severe it was. We were able try different solutions and, based on the results, see what worked best. Plus the snoring has improved a loooot!” - Wendy

However, not everyone that's tried Biostrap has been a happy camper. Customer service seems to not be very responsive which has been a big disappointment. At the end of this review you can also see what some of my readers have to say about their experience... 

What I liked about Biostrap:
  • Accurate heart rate tracking
  • Blood saturation monitoring
  • Automatic activity classification
  • You can create a custom library of workouts
  • App is very easy to use 
  • Sleek design and color options
  • Long battery life (5 days for wrist sensor and 8 days for shoepod sensor)
  • Wri​​​​st Sensor is waterproof, shoe sensor is splash proof
  • Wireless charging
This I didn’t like / they could improve on:
  • You need to manually start the sleep tracking
  • Poor customer service
  • Price is higher than average
  • Has some issues with accuracy
  • asterisk
    Now you have two things to remember to charge
Final Verdict

This fitness tracker ended up not being what I was looking for. If you are on the fence, you can give this tracker a try, if you don't like it you can always return it within 30 days of purchase. However, be sure to read up on their refund policy. 

2018 UPDATE: Hey guys! So this fitness tracker fell short of what I was looking for but that didn't stop me from my search and I'm excited to say that I DID find an amazing fitness tracker that has ALL the features I could possibly want (and a better price)! It's the Healbe GoBe 2 and you can read all about it in my Healbe GoBe 2 Review (and use my coupon code for 5% off!)

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Average rating:  
 8 reviews
by James on Biostrap
SP02 very wrong

I got the unit for biometric and sleep tracking. Ran a few tests with device to compair against other equipment. The unit consistently reads me at 100% SP02. I run a baseline of 96% and every pulse oximeter I tested this against showed a more accurate reading.

I verified this when I held my breath for the entire test. While the pulseox showed the O2 dip the biostrap showed me to still be at 100%. Every other metric was accurate but the reason I got the device was just wrong.

by Paul on Biostrap
The Strap

It falls off constantly and I've never had it stay on during work or sleep. This is all due to their revolutionary design with the strap. Basically, they replaced a typical strap with a track system. Also, if it falls off, you better make sure you have a lamp and about 5 minutes to get it back on.

by Patricia on Biostrap
Do not buy

I would give it a 0 if I could. I bought two, one for me and one for my son. The first one did not work at all and they wanted to send me a new one. The second the oxygen level read 99% when it was actually 87%, I checked it with my doctors office. that is a 12% difference. Not accurate at all. I decided that the product was not any good and wanted to return both. They charged me a 25.00 "restocking fee" for the first and 10.00 for the second. For defective products. Do not buy.

by Ignacio Rodriguez on Biostrap
Very Dissapointed

Received BioStrap and right off the bat not HR info is being captured called support and they indicated that they were working on the issue. So later I noticed my step count was a bit more than I expected as it was a busy day at work and did not leave desk much at all. I jotted down the count and checked back an hour later and much to my suprise the step count increased quite a bit. The only thing I did do was use my mouse and that caused the step count to increase. THen I find out I have to pay a restocking fee for a defective product

by Sean on Biostrap
Great device that keeps getting better!

Love my Biostrap! Every update has more feature, more metrics, and more health tips.

by John Ferrier on Biostrap
Biostrap Disappointing at best

Disappointed in their product but more importantly am very disappointed in their customer service. I’ll give it 1/2 * out 5 if only because it’s a great concept.

Started out having wrong date and time on cell. Not a huge deal, but where was it getting date from? If people are tracking activities and measurements, long term, this IS an issue. Strike one.

I started having sync problems within 36 hrs after opening box. (Note: This product has no screen, so, it must sync with phone so you can see data.) It wouldn’t sync on my phone after double digit attempts and over 90 minutes on Saturday. I emailed customer support late Saturday night, and I didn’t hear back for over 2 days. I then only heard from them when I emailed for support a second time. Received the cliché “I don’t know what happened, didn’t see the first one” response. Strike two.

I spent multiple hours turning off, turning off, trying different things to get it to work. Somehow things sync'd again for a very short time, and then it went back to not syncing. Strike three.

I emailed them and told them I wanted this solved by Wednesday at 5 or take the defective product back and get me a new one. Only now have they taken this seriously, but by this time, I am overloaded with work and on the road, both situations where I would be unable to be on the phone while doing whatever with their product and my phone.

In my business, and, most times in life in general, a good product/service rarely gets better. A bad/product/service usually gets worse. Biostrap falls into the latter category.

I am in the service business. I understand that there are times that there will be unanticipated problems, but, what is CRITICAL is to address them immediately. This builds faith/trust. Lack of an expedient response does the exact opposite. Biostrap absolutely failed in the customer service category.

I’m not sure how well or how accurate the product works, I never really got the chance.

I can say IMO there is some combination of design fail, sloppiness or just a rush to market. There is no screen on which to view data. If you’re biking, hiking etc, you cant look at your wrist to check BPM. The strap into which the device is inserted is poorly designed at best. Imagine if your watch strap was a 2 piece design strap and clasp. How many people will lose the unattached clasp as they take this off outdoors, in a car, or in a gym? It’s a recipe for disaster. They do offer a 2nd strap for $30 for a 1 piece strap and clasp. These ‘straps’ aren’t much different than the $1 yellow Livestrong bracelets that became so popular, they’re just a different color.

All in all, I give Biostrap a D and their customer service a F.

by Amy on Biostrap

It really is waterproof, I've worn mine in the shower multiple times. It's very easy to track a workout. I went back and forth between a few trackers and I'm happy I picked this one.

by Jessica on Biostrap

It took me a long time to find the right fitness tracker! I love how accurate this tracker is, it makes working out so much more fun!