Green Blender Smoothie Delivery Review

My favorite thing about smoothies is all the different ingredients and flavors you can create. My least favorite thing is planning and shopping for ingredients. This is the main reason why I don’t drink smoothies as often as I would like. But what if the perfect smoothie ingredients were to get delivered right to your door step? I don’t know about you but that sounds delicious to me! 

What is Green Blender? 

Green Blender take a fresh new spin on the classic “food delivery” program. Green Blender is essentially a smoothie club that will deliver fresh ingredients right to your door so you can make healthy and devious smoothies at home. Eating healthy is hard and Green Blender aims to make it easy to improve your health. By getting fresh ingredients delivered right to your door you are saved the head ache of shopping for fresh ingredients yourself. 

How does Green Blender Work? 

With Green Blender you can customize smoothie deliveries to fit your schedule. Recipes will change from week to week so you’ll never get bored of drinking the same smoothies. When you sign up for this program you will get 5 new smoothie recipes per week. These 5 recipes will give you get pre-portioned ingredients to make 10 smoothies (12 oz each).

They will pick the best produce and superfoods that are organic and from local farms. Not only will you get delicious recipes but you will also learn how each smoothie will nourish your mind and body. 

Drinking these healthy smoothies will help you become healthier and some of the health benefits you could experience by drinking Green Blender smoothies include clearer skin, improved mental clarity, weight loss, and increased energy.

In short your weekly deliveries will include a box full of fresh ingredients with a printed list of recipes, storage suggestions and even health tips. The ingredients inside the box will be stored in zip lock bags so that you can freeze whatever you would like to use later in the week.  

Green Blender Price and How to Sign Up

All the Green Blender smoothies delivery plans include weekly delivery but there are a few different options you can chose from. It’s important to know that plans will automatically renew but you can pause or skip a weekly delivery without getting charged and you can also cancel you subscription at any time. Shipping is also free. Here are the three different delivery plan options: 

Fresh Start is the week-to-week subscription plan.
Recipes per bag: 5 (10 servings)
Price per serving $4.90
Subscription renews: weekly
Price: $49.00

Monthly Challenge is a 4 box subscription plan.
Recipes per box: 5 (10 servings)
Price per serving: $4.40
Subscription renews: every 4 boxes
Price: $176 (save 10%) or $44.00 per box

Healthy Habit plan is the best value saving you over 20% and includes a 12 box subscription.
Recipes per box: 5 (10 servings)
Price per serving: $3.90
Subscription renews: every 12 boxes
Subscription price: $468 (20% savings) or $39.00 per box

Price might seem a little steep at first glance but you have to take into account that you are getting fresh ingredients delivered straight to your door and if you were to buy the same ingredients yourself you would end up spending more and even throwing some of it away. With Green Blender not only are you getting fresh and healthy ingredients but they are already proportioned for you and delivered straight to your door. You can’t get any more convent than that. 

To sign up for Green Blender smoothie delivery service all you need to do is visit the official Green Blender smoothie website at From here you can choose and customize your plan. You can also vey smoothie menus from previous weeks.  

What I like about Green Blender:

  • Fresh Ingredients - They only pick the freshest ingredients and work with local suppliers. Since these ingredients are fresh they are meant to be used for during the week that they are delivered. To make sure that your ingredients will last as long as possible be sure the follow the storage suggestions that are included in your delivery. You can also store a blended smoothie for up to 24 hours in the refrigerator is you use a sealed glass of plastic container. 
  • Easy and Fast - Its very easy and simple to put together these smoothies. Each recipe contains about 5 to 7 ingredients and since they are already portioned correctly upon delivery all you have to do is put the ingredients together in a blender and blend. Overall there is minimal prep work and your smoothie will be ready in just a few minutes. 
  • Healthy and Low Calories - All recipes are put together to give you great health benefits and are low in calories. Generally most smoothies will have between 100-300 calories per serving. 
  • Customization - Every week there will be 8 smoothie recipes and from these you can choose which 5 you would like delivered. To customize your smoothie delivery you just login to your account and go to the “Upcoming Deliveries” section and click the “Edit Recipes” button. 
  • Superfoods - Not only will your smoothie deliveries will include fresh fruits and veggies but you will also get hard to find superfoods add-ins like chia seeds, flaxseed, goji berries, acas berries, maca, matcha, cacao nibs, pea protein, and much more. 
  • Taste - These smoothies will taste different from the smoothies you get at smoothie shops mostly because with these smoothies there will be no added sugar. This means that they will be a little less sweet than what you are typically used to. With this being said Green Blender smoothie still taste good. Since you can customize the recipes you get you can choose what recipes you think you will like the best. 
  • Shareable - Each recipe comes with enough ingredients to make two 12oz smoothie servings. This is perfect if you would like to share with a friend or family member or you can save a serving for later. 


  • Not available everywhere - This is a company that is based in New York and since they are committed to providing you with only the freshest ingredients their smoothie delivery services are not available in all parts of the United States. You can enter your zip code on their website and check to see if your are in the delivery zone. 

Final Verdict

I think that this is a great program for smoothie lovers or those that would like to improve their health by drinking nutrition packed smoothies. The service is very customizable and easy to use. With fresh local ingredients delivered right to your door in the correct proportions you can enjoy a hassle-free smoothie experience. The price is also very reasonable especially when you take into account the cost per serving can be as low as $3.90 which is far less that what most people spend daily at their favorite coffee shop. Overall it’s a great program that makes smoothies and improving your health very simple. 

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