Easy To Use



  • Saves you money
  • Easy to use
  • Chills beverages
  • 1 minutes wait time
  • 30 day money back guarantee


  • Only 2 uses at a time
  • Takes up freezer room
  • Must be stored upright

HyperChiller Review

I love coffee and my Keurig coffee maker, I only wish that it would make iced coffee! I’ve tried a few things to get my coffee cold. From adding a ton of ice cubes (making it very watered down) to sticking my cup of coffee in the freezer (and ultimately forgetting about it). Neither of those where ideal but now there might be a little trick to chilling my cup of coffee to the perfect temperature! 

What is the HyperChiller? 

The HyperChiler is a little device that promises to give you the perfect chilled cup of coffee in just 60 seconds. Crazy right? No more forgetting my coffee in the freezer for me! If you love iced coffee this is the perfect excuse to start brewing your own at home. Just imagine how much money you’ll save if you stop going to pricy coffee shops. 

How does the HyperChiller work? 

HyperChiller Inside

The HyperChiller is made with a series of stainless steel chambers inside a plastic container. To prep your HyperChiller you open it up and pour water into the inner and outer chambers. After filling, place the HyperChiller into the freezer and let it sit overnight. Here is a step by step breakdown of the setup process: 

  1. The Hyper Chiller is made of three nested chambers that screw into each other. Fill the small stainless steel cup with water to the indicator line and twist to lid.
  2. Next fill the large stainless steel cup to the indicator line and pour into black HyperChiller cup.
  3. Put the lid and small chamber into the empty stainless steel container and twist together.
  4. Put that into the black plastic base and twist those together.
  5. Place it upright in the freezer (6-12 hours) and it will be ready to use. 

The next day when coffee time rolls around simply remove the Hyperchiller from the freezer and pour your hot coffee into the top. Once poured, swirl it around for 60 seconds and pour it out into your awaiting cup. If you want it really chilly just leave it in the Hyperchiller for a extra minute. 

You can use the Hyperchiller twice before the water inside melts and has to be frozen again. 

HyperChiller Uses

You don’t only have to use the HyperChiller with coffee, that’s just what I primarily use it for. There are many other uses for this handy little device. You can also use it on different room temperature beverages. For example you might want to quickly chill a glass of wine or a cocktail without using ice. 

HyperChiller Pros
  • Will get your beverages chilly
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Convenient 
  • 1 Minute to Chill
  • Takes up room in your freezer
  • asterisk
    Must be sorted upright
  • Cleaning can be a pain
  • Only works twice before needing to be refrozen

Where to buy HyperChiller and price

You can buy the Hyperchiller from the official retailer at HyperChiller.com. If you purchase the Hyperchiller from the official retailer it will cost $29.99. When you buy this product from hyperchiller.com you will get a 90 day limited warranty and also a 30 day money back guarantee. If you have any questions about returns you can easily contact the team at sales@hyperbius.net

In my opinion the best place to buy the HyperChiller is from the official website because not only will you get the warranty and 30 day money back guarantee but you will also get the best deals and access to any promotions they might be running. 

Another option out there is to buy the HyperChiller through Amazon.com where you can currently buy it for $29.99 as well. 

Final Verdict

The HyperChiller really does work, it will give you a perfectly chilled coffee and you can use it on many other beverages as well. The HyperChiller can also save you a ton of money if you start making your own iced coffee rather than buying it at coffee shops. With over 500 reviews on Amazon and a average rating of 4.4 stars i think it’s safe to safe the HyperChiller is worth the buy!

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