Living a healthy, fit lifestyle seems to get harder and harder every year. Harder but not impossible! Diets, exercise plans might not have worked out in the past so what makes this different? Will this work for you? After research and trying out the program ourselves, we have written up a comprehensive review outlining everything you should expect with this program.  

This program was created by Girls Gone Strong Fitness icons Molly Galbraith and Alli McKee and  marketed as a definitive guide for women, their fitness and empowerment. Their focus is to help women and find a solution for the women's exercise, fitness goals and issues. 


About the program...

Both of the women behind the program have an impressive list of credentials behind them. The program it self has also been featured in a number of magazines and publications. It's  designed for women who want to get strong, lean, and feel amazing.  

Molly is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, former figure competitor, co-owner of a gym, and a dabbler in powerlifting. Alli just entered her thirties, personal trainer and living healthy, living authentically, and living passionately. With these two super stars behind the programs, you can be confident that they know their stuff and will give you quality information. 


How the program works...

This program was designed for woman by woman and it can be used in the confort of your own home or at the gym.  There is a workout schedule you come up with that determines how often you train each week and what exercises and workouts you perform for each session. Both  of which are based on your current fitness level and unique fitness goals and needs. This program is for all fitness levels. Beginners will like the well-explained training concepts, the glossary of fitness terms, and the “take you by the hand” approach.  At the same time intermediate fitness goers are accommodated by a gradual and intense training progression.

Prices and what you get...


This program has three different packages you can get based on your needs and interests. The packages start out at $99 and include the following:

$99, Silver Package

  • “Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training” complete digital program (Main program e-book, “Exercise Glossary” e-guide, “Video Library” online access, “Training Programs” e-manual, “Progress Tracker” e-guide, “Getting Started Guide” e-manual).
  • “Guide to Conditioning” e-report.
  • “Guide to Nutrition – Super Shakes” e-report.
  • “Guide to Core Training – Body Weight Edition” e-report.

$119, Gold Package

  • Everything in the “Silver” package.
  • “Good Nutrition” e-book.

$179, Platinum Package (available in the U.S. only)

  • “Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training” complete program in printed and DVD (for the “Video Library”) formats.
  • “Good Nutrition” e-book.
  • “Guide to Conditioning” e-report.
  • “Guide to Nutrition – Super Shakes” e-report.
  • “Guide to Core Training – Body Weight Edition” e-report.

What I like about this program...

  • Can be done anywhere - gym, home, or on the go
  • Promotes woman transformation and enpowerment
  • People behind it practice what they preach and have strong credentials
  • Many testimonials from woman and fitness professtionals
  • Any fitness level
  • polite and fast customer service 

What I don't like about this program...

  • Majority of program is accessed online so you must have a good interest conection
  • Requires additional equipment (for example, kettlebell, dumbbell, and resistance bands)
  • main nutritional guide is not included in the basic package. 

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Final Verdict...

The strongest "selling" point for this product is that it's formulated toward women by women. It understands how the female body works and customized the workouts so they are tailored to our needs. I would recommend giving this program a try, given the 60 day money back policy, you don't have anything to lose.  Really for all levels of fitness. 

Give it a try or learn more information by visiting the official website >>>><<<

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