Best Sources of Protein for Vegans

While I myself am not a vegan, I do agree that we should eat a mostly plant based diet. Unfortunately protein sis most plentiful in animal meats however there are a few very powerful non animal based sources of protein.

I know a lot of the people who visit this site are vegans I would love to cater to them especially if it can help all of my readers. So here are good sources of protein that is vegan friendly!


Legumes are flowering plants that have a lot of economic value due to their richness in nutrients. One of those nutrients is protein. Legumes are some of the highest sources of protein not from animal products. If you arent familiar with legumes then here are some common varieties: Soy beans, peanuts, alfalfa, clover, and peas. Though this list in not exhausting.

Soy beans are very awesome for getting your protein. If you don’t already then you should be using soy milk at breakfast. This will help you start the day off on a high note keeping your appetite in check.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp is the male marijuana plant, though it’s directly related to marijuana it has almost no THC in it. This plant. Hemp is an incredible plant in many ways and not surprisingly it has tremendous nutritional benefits.

Almonds are high in protein

Almonds have high protein content

100 grams (3.5oz) of hemp seeds contains 586 calories. Hemp seeds are 31% protein, so a 100 gram serving will have 61% of the recommended daily value for protein. The protein structure is similar to that of meat which also means it’s a great way to absorb protein into the body.

Hemp seeds also have many other vitamins and minerals,including one of my favorites Vitamin B3 also known as Niacin. Hemp seeds have a ton of vitamin b3 as well, check out the awesome health benefits of niacin.


Various nuts also have a lot of protein, take almonds for instance. While I don’t personally enjoy almonds I do really like almond milk – I like it more than soy milk.

Almonds have 20 grams of protein in a 1 cup serving. Additionally almonds have 14 grams of unsaturated fat which is great for your heart health. 1 cup of almonds is usually about 23 of them, so for snacking they have packed with protein!

Though not specifically a nut, coconuts have a good amount of protein, and it’s my favorite milk to drink. I like having a bowl of raisin brand cereal with coconut milk for breakfast – delicious!

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Vegan Protein Sources
Protein is very important for many reasons, most occur in meats. This article strives to show other methods to get protein in your diets.
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