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I hate going to the dentist. I always have and always will. As a kid I had some pretty bad teeth and getting cavities filled was pretty routine for me. Today the thing that motivates me the most to care for my teeth is the scary thought of what going to happen at the dentist if I don’t! There are three things my dentist always tells me to do: 

  • Brush daily
  • Floss Daily
  • and Rinse with warm salt water to kill bacteria. 

I thought I was a great teeth brusher but during my last dentist appointment by dentist pointed out that my gums are started to reseed because I wasn’t brushing correctly. Yikes! He recommended I look into getting a electric toothbrush. This is what brought me to find the quip toothbrush (a very stylish electric toothbrush)!

What is Quip? 

Quip is a mouth hygiene company that came up with a great design for a powerful and effective electric toothbrush. Their products are top-of-the-line and beautifully designed to include all the features you would need in a electric toothbrush. Quip’s toothbrush is very simple and easy to use. It just has one mode (a 2 minute timer with 30 second intervals), mental vibrations, soft bristles, and a travel-friendly compact design. Quip also offers tooth paste and brush replacements. 

Quip Toothbrush Design

Quip Electric Toothbrush

The first thing that I noticed when I saw a advertisement for Quip is the sleek design. At first I didn’t realize that it was a electric toothbrush since it was to compact and thin. The typical electric toothbrush that I was used too was big, ugly, and bulky. The compact design makes it really nice in terms of not taking up too much space in the bathroom. My husband used to have a regular bulky toothbrush that would always sit in it’s charger on the bathroom sink and it was a huge eyesore! 

With the Sonicare that my husband used to have there was always a cable that plugged into the wall to charge it. The Quip toothbrush not only takes up a lot less space but it’s battery powered! These regular batteries will keep it powered for three months so you don’t need to worry about and cords or having access to a wall outlet.  

Battery power makes it also a lot better for traveling! You don’t need to bring any chargers with you. This is especially great if you will be traveling for weeks or going over seas. Another cool feature for traveling is that the tube part of the stand can also work as a cover! Speaking of the tube, it also has a sticky strip on it so you can mount it to your bathroom wall or mirror and free up counter space.

There are two different material options you can choose from, either metal or plastic. There isn’t really that much of a difference between them other than the cost. Plastic is $25 and metal is $40. The metal toothbrush will feel a little heavier which makes it feel higher quality and more expensive. I liked the metal one because of just how it looked and felt in my hand. 

Brushing with Quip

The whole goal behind this product was to help people develop better brushing habits and teach you how to brush your teeth correctly. When you use Quip it will automatically start a 2 minute timer and you will hear a “ping” every 30 seconds that will signal you to move the brush to a different part of your mouth. This is pretty standard when it comes to electric tooth brushes. 

However, what was nice and unique about Quip is the way it vibrates. It’s not super load and obnoxious. It’s a lot quieter than Sonicare brushes. It’s also quite enough that it shouldn’t wake someone up if they are sleeping in the next room. My husband is a bit of a night owl and I can’t tell you the number of time he would wake me up brushing his teeth with the Sonicare. Since we’ve made the switch to quip I can sleep undisturbed! 

I also noticed that the bristles are much softer than Sonicare’s. The soft bristles and quite vibrations just make the overall brushing experience very pleasant. Both my husband and I agree that we prefer brushing with Quip but in the end it will just come down to your personal preference. 

What I love about Quip / Pro’s
  • It’s affordable! Years ago when my dentist first recommend that I buy a electric toothbrush I had no idea how expensive they could be. There was no way that I could justify spending $100-200 on a toothbrush. This is what is so great about Quip, they make electric toothbrushes very affordable with sets starting at $25-40. The refills and replacement brushes are also super affordable with brush head replacements starting at just $5. 
  • It’s compact and travel friendly. Traditional electric toothbrushes are anything but compact and travel friendly. I would need a separate pouch just to hold my toothbrush and charger when going on trips. With Quip everything is slim and sleek. Plus there is no charger that I have to worry about. 
  • It gets the job done. Quip has everything that you should look for in a electric toothbrush! It has a small head to fit in tight spaces, round-toped bristles that are softer on the gums, and soft flat bristles that will prevent you from brushing too hard. It has a built in timer so you know you have been brushing long enough. 

Where to buy Quip and Price

You can customize and order your Quip toothbrush by going to the official website at getup.com. From here you can choose your color: Silver Metal, Slate Metal, Copper Metal, Gold Metal, Green Plastic, and Blue Plastic.  There are Starter Set, Prepay Deals, and Group Sets to choose from. 

Quip Starter Sets

Electric Set Comes with a quip brush, regular and travel sized toothpaste. You can get the Electric set for $25-40 (plastic or metal) with a refill plan that will send you a new brush head every three months for $10. If you just want the set and no refill plan it will cost $40-55. 

The other option under starter sets is to just get the electric brush which comes with the Quip brush and one replacement head. This cost between $30 - 45 depending if you choose metal or plastic and the refill plan is $5. With no refill plan the brush will cost $35-50. 

Quip Prepay Deals

Quip also offers plans that you can pay in advance and get the best value. You can get a full years worth of toothpaste and replacement heads with your brush for $50-65 and get free 3 monthly refills for a year. 

You can also just choose the brush and replacements heads with no toothpaste for $40 to 55 and get free 3 monthly refills for a year. 

Quip Group Sets

There is a Quip Couple Set that includes: 

  • 2 Quip brushes with stands
  • 2 regular sized toothpaste
  • 2 travel sizes toothpaste
  • 2 replacement heads

The couples set cost between $50-75 with the refill plan for $20. Without the refill plan it cost between $70-100. 

If you would like to get Quip for the whole family you can order the Quip Family Set. This includes 4 of everything:

  • 4 Quip brushes and stands
  • 4 travel sized toothpastes
  • 4 regular sized toothpastes
  • 4 replacement heads

The family set cost between $125-150 and $40 for the refill plan. Without the refill plan it costs between $170-200. 

You can also order items separately on the website. Here are the additional items that can be ordered: 

  • Toothbrush Head: $5 (same price, with or without refills)
  • Toothpaste 4.7oz: $5 (same price, with or without refills)
  • Travel Cover Mount: $5
  • White Plastic Manual Toothbrush: $10 ($5 refills every 3 months)

One thing to note is that refill plans are completely optional but they no include free shipping and can be canceled at any time. Quip also offers a lifetime guarantee on Quip toothbrushes that have a active refill plan and they also have a 30 day refund policy

Quip Toothbrush Reviews

Quip toothbrushes have become very popular and they have been featured on many popular media websites. The majority of reviews out there have been very positive and people agree that Quip is a very practical and reasonably priced electric toothbrush. Overall Quip gets the job done and has made some people even excited about brushing their teeth! 

Final Verdict - Is Quip a Good Electric Toothbrush? 

In the end Quip is a great electric toothbrush and has the same features as those high end electric toothbrushes. The difference is that Quip has made a toothbrush with a better design and it’s more user friendly. I love my Quip toothbrush and there is no way I’m ever going back to Sonicare! In the end you should give Quip a try since it does come with a 30 day refund policy. 

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