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Sibrutal Appetite Suppressant Review

If you’ve gone on a diet before you know that the most difficult thing to control is your appetite. You can work out as much as you want but if you feel hungry all the time and have strong cravings it can be impossible to stay away from food and lose weight. One thing that can help are appetite suppressants and supplements that can help you control your hunger. 

What is Sibrutal? 

Sibrutal is a dietary supplement most well known for it’s ability to suppress appetite. Controlling hunger can be difficult, especially if you are truing to lose weight. Supplements like Sibrutal might be able to help. Unlike some other supplements, this one is made up of natural ingredients making it much safer for people to use. 

Sibrutal Claims

The manufacturer of Sibrutal claims that it will help control appetite and hunger, making is easier to stay on a diet and control what you eat. They claim that this is a safe and effective way to lose weight. Not only does Sibrutal make weight loss possible but they also claim that it can help you maintain a health weight after you lose it. 

How does Sibrutal Work? 

Sibrutal claims to be all natural and made up of a specially formulated herbal blend of ingredients. Sibrutal fills up your stomach so that you feel more full. Since it fills your stomach so even when you eat you will feel fuller faster so you stop eating sooner. Again, this is what the company claims and there is no actual proof that this will happen. 


Possible Benefits of Sibrutal

The company does not clearly tell us what the active ingredients are in this product so there is no way to know if you will experience any of these benefits. If we take their word for it and the supplement works as intended, here are the possible benefits you can experience: 

  • Suppress Your Appetite - This is the biggest benefit of taking this product. You will feel less hunger. This can help you eat less and overall reduce your total calories intake. Having a suppressed appetite can also make it easier to eat smaller portions during meals. 
  • No Workouts - This supplement advertises that you can lose weight just by reducing the amount of food you eat. They claim that you do not need to add any long workouts to your routine to experience weight loss. 
  • plus
    Weight Control - Not only should this supplement help you lose weight but they also claim that continuing to use it daily can help you maintain a health weight. This way you don’t go back to your old eating habits and gain weight again. 
  • Detoxifies - Another claim Sibrutal makes is that is helps detoxify your body of toxins. 
  • plus
    Easy Use - This supplement is easy and straight forward to use. You just have to take 2 capsules per day. These should be taken with a meal and hollowed with a glass of water

Sibrutal Ingredients 

What makes me really skeptical about this product is that they claim that they use all natural ingredients but they do not tell us what those ingredients are. In fact after extensive research I found through a third party website that some of the active ingredients in this product are actually laxatives. Again, since the manufacturer does not list the active ingredients I can not confirm if laxatives are or are not active in the product. 

Side Effects of SIbrutal

If laxatives are used in this product customers can expect an increase in bowel movements. I’m surprised that they do not warn customers about this possibility. Because of the way this supplement is designed to work it could also cause stomach cramps. 

Where to buy Sibrutal

You can buy Sibrutal from the company’s official website. A single bottle will cost $45.95 plus shipping and handling charges. If you are a United States customer you have a choice between $10.00 for standard shipping or $14.00 for insured delivery. The makers of Sibrutal do not offer any money back guarantee and they do not accept refunds. 

Final Verdict

Sibrutal makes a lot of claims with out anything that backs these claims up. They do not provide customers with much information on their website and they do not tell you what the ingredients are. From reading online reviews by previous customers it is not clear if this product even works. Some people did report feeling less hungry but many others did not report any effects. The offer no guarantees and they do not issue refunds. Overall I am not at all confident with this product and would not recommend using Sibrutal. If you are looking for a effective appetite suppressant I would recommend PhenQ with it’s proven and natural ingredients, you can learn more by reading my PhenQ review

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