As you begin your journey with yoga, it can quickly go from just a yoga mat to all sorts of different yoga props. As your yoga practices improves you will want to start using more yoga props to level up your game and achieve more with your poses. I know at first it can be over whelming but here a a quick reference list of all the yoga props, what they are used for, where the best place to buy them and how they can help you advance your yoga practice. Yoga props are still being invested and I will do my best to keep this reference guide up to date on all the latest trends. Speaking of trends, have you ladies heard of the new yoga wheel? I highly recommend checking it out! 

Yoga Mat

The yoga mat is the most basic and most necessary yoga prop for any yoga student. Depending on your style of yoga and personal preferences, you want to make sure you are using the correct mat. They come in a variety of sizes, textures, and thicknesses. There are specialized yoga mats for hot yoga as well. 

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Yoga Blocks

These Blocks: $10.90 at 

Yoga blocks are great fo beginners are there are many yoga poses that might be chalanging and yoga blocks will help you do the poses. Blocks help with support and allow you to extend your reach. Beginners and professionals both find yoga blocks a very useful prop.

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Yoga Straps

Yoga straps are used in poses for flexibility and balancing. They can help you go deeper with stretches and better balance yourself in balancing poses.  They come with either a plastic or metal buckle. There is also a newer product called the infinity strap that I think is easier to use because it has no buckle. 

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Yoga Sandbags

This Sandbag: $20.00

Yoga sandbags can anchor you down and allow you to "sink into" your poses for a deeper stretch. Most sand bag uses require the use to two sandbags. They are also great for providing more weight to areas so that you can expand your flexibility and go further into your stretch. Standard weight for sandbags are 10 pounds. 

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Yoga Bolster & Cushions

This Bolster: $78.00

Bolsters and yoga cushions are kinda like body pillows but firmer. They are either in a rectangular or circle shape. The main purpose is to soften a pose, aid in opening the body or simply use for relaxation purposes. The come in a large variety of designs and colors to fit your relaxation mood. 

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Yoga Blanket

This Bolster: $11.49

Yoga blankets can be used for extra support during yoga and even warmth. They can be used for support during poses but are most commonly used as a cushion during meditation so your not sitting so firmly on the hard ground. 

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Yoga Balls

This Yoga Ball Set: $18.99

Yoga Balls or otherwise known as fitness balls are used in a variety of yoga poses and are very good at developing your balance skills. Using them for balance will also strengthen muscle groups and help to develop your core.

There are even specific training guide and yoga classes that focus on using the yoga ball during their sessions. 

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Yoga Wheels

This Yoga  Wheel: $25.99

The yoga wheel is a newer trend that is quickly gaining popularity. It's an awsome yoga prop that will allow you to go even deeper into your poses and stretches. It will help you open up your body and breath deeper.

There are poses you can do for all levels of yoga, from beginner to advanced. 

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Yoga Clothes

These Yoga  Capris: $69.00

Clothing for yoga class is particularly important because it will set the tone of your yoga experience. Find out the common mistakes people make when choosing clothes for yoga class by reading my article What to Wear to Yoga Class.

Don't get caught with see-through pants or a shirt that will expose you during poses! Light darker pants will allow for movement and flexibility without showing your undergarments. 

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Hope this quick reference yoga prop guide has been helpful in determining what each yoga prop is, what it's used for and where the best place to buy it is. There are always new yoga products out on the market and I'll keep this list updated with any new trends that come up. If there is a product I missed or that you would like to see added to the list, comment before or contact me!