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Supercharge Your Your Life With the Best Ways to Improve Your Health and Boost Your Fitness

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Every day, more and more workout plans, weight loss diets, detoxes, and fitness programs come onto the marketplace. Going through all the options and comparing products can be a nightmare. It's almost as hard as losing the weight itself. After than leaving you alone in the wild, I'm constantly scanning the weight loss product marketplace and picking up on the latest fitness trends.

I bring to you an ever growing collection of fitness and health product reviews to get you up to speed on what products will work and what products are making false claims. We will look at fitness accessories, detoxes, nutritional supplements, diet pills, workout videos and guides, and any other product that might help us achieve our fitness goals!

Some products I try are bad or poor quality, however some are really awesome! Some of my favorites are: Bikini Body Guide, Yoga Burn, Skinny 23 Tea, Unlock Your Hip Flexors, The Two Week Diet and my Favorite Protein Shake - Ideal Shake

Each of those are really great products that can improve your life and health/fitness. There are many others too that are really incredible too, I do write reviews on products I don't recommend as well.​

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​What Is A Fitness Junkie? ​

A Fitness Junkie is someone who knows what's what when it comes to living a healthy and active lifestyle. We don't fall for magic weight loss pills. We know that fitness takes commitment and achieving our fitness goals is a part of our lifestyle. We are practically and know that we can't be perfect 100% of the time and that's ok because we are only human. We look for the science behind the claims.

Fitness Junkies come in all shapes and sizes and there is no universal "perfect body". While beauty comes from within, we will treat ourselves with the respect our body deserves. We might not be the best but we will be the best versions of ourselves. We never quit and we encourage others to stay on path with their fitness journey.As a Fitness Junkie, I made it my duty to find the best fitness advice and share it with you.

Together, we will debunk weight loss myths, critic "diets", and find the truth behind product claims.

Your Fitness Journey

Everyone has a story to tell. One thing we can be certain of is that living a fitness-focused lifestyle is a challenge. We have days that we rock! We eat healthy, did our workout, took the stairs to work, and didn't eat the pizza in the break room. But not every day is going to be like that. That's ok, though. Staying motivated can be difficult and ups and downs are all part of the weight loss jounry. Be sure to follow me on instagram for daily fitness inspriation!

Join the Community

Share you experiences with us and become a part of the Fitness Junkie Community! I'd love to hear your story and your story could be the inspiration for someone else's success! If there is a fitness question you have, contact me and I'll write an article about it. Same goes for products. If there is a fitness product you are curious about, I'll test it for you and write a review!

Sophie Summers

fitness junkie

About Me

My fitness journey has been anything but a smooth path. Since I can remember I was never confident in my body. I tried crazy diets and exercises but all the weight just seemed to always come back. It wasn't till I accepted myself and learned to love my body that I was finally able to make a change for the better.

I'm proud to say that 5 years later I am looking my best, feeling great and most importantly I am confident in my body and myself.I want to be a part of your fitness journey. There is no such thing as a "perfect" body but there is a perfect version of you!

No cray diets. Just real, do-able lifestyle changes! Trust me, even the littlest changes will go a long way!​

My Mission

​I am here to change the way you think about health and fitness. This health and fitness blog is aimed at incorporating fitness flawlessly into your everyday life with as little effort as possible. We all want to be healthy, maybe lose a couple pounds, but it's hard to keep up with the millions of different fitness habits out there. This blog will supply you with all the little tid-bits of information you need to keep fitness as a permeate part of your life!

If I had a good resource for fitness product reviews and weight loss advice, I would have gotten to the fitness level I'm at now a lot quicker. As a woman, I know how crazy life can get and the difficulties we have with keeping weight off and looking fit. Nothing makes me saltier than seeing crazy skinny models advertising weight loss products when in reality, the only "diet" and "workout plan" that they are clearly on is called Photoshop. I don't want fake girls telling me about products they've never used themselves.

Don't get me wrong, there are some amazing slimming products that actually do work. But often times they are buried among all the products that don't. All the products that I recommend to my readers, I've tested myself. Not only do I test the products, but I research them and combine all the information I find into one place.

Supercharge Your Your Life With the Best Ways to Improve Your Health and Boost Your Fitness

What Would You Like To Learn More About?

What fitness trends are people raving about? Here are my lastest fitness trend product reviews! Check back daily for updates and if you want exclusive coupon codes and discounts available only to Fitness Junkie readers be sure to get your name on our mailing list! 

If you don't see the product you are looking for on my website, let me know! I love trying out new products and will research, test it out, and find the best place to buy it! In my review, you also might find discounts that I've managed to get from the manufacturer! Fitness companies love to provide me coupons and discounts on fitness products so that I can share them with my readers. If you try a fitness product and have something you would like to share, let me know. I want to know what products are and are not working for you.

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