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  • Tracks all the basics
  • Discreet and Stylish Design
  • Waterproof
  • Well Designed App
  • Key Chain Charger


  • 3 Day Battery life
  • Price
  • No Screen
  • No Android Support

Motiv Fitness Tracker Review

We’ve been told that the future is in wearable technology and smart watches and fitness trackers have been the center of attention. I was really impressed at how a little gadget like the apple watch could offer so many features and yet be so small. Now with the Motivation Ring we’ve gone even smaller. I’ve been very into fitness trackers since they first came out. I owned fit bits and eventually progressed to the Apple Watch. Today I’m going to review the Motiv Ring and see how it compares to other fitness trackers. 

What is the Motiv Ring?

Motiv Ring

Just when I thought tech couldn’t possibly go smaller, I was proved wrong with the Motiv Ring. The motivation Ring is fitness tracker you wear as a ring that will track the number of active minutes in your day. This small, lightweight device has a 24/7 heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, activity tracking, three day battery life and did I mention that it’s water proof up to 165ft? Yup, it’s pretty amazing what this little sleek device is capable of!

Motive Ring: Design and Sizing

Motiv Ring Sizes

The Motiv Ring is about 2.5mm thick and is very light. This makes it really easy to get used to wearing it. After wearing mine for a bout a day I totally forgot it was even on my hands. While it does become very comfortable to wear and important step in buying the Motivation Ring is getting the right size.

If you are not sure what size you should get you don’t have to worry! Before you order they will ship you a “Sizing Set” that includes rings of all their sizes. Once you get this you can tryout the rings to find which size fits you the best. Your sizing set will come with a unique redemption code and you can share this with friends so they can get a discount on their orders. Once you are done using your Sizing Set you don’t have to ship it back, simply recycle it. I would recommend trying out a couple different sizes and wearing them around for a few hours to find the size that fits best.

The Motive Ring is made out of titanium, making it very durable. It also gives is a sleek and stylish finish. Currently the Motive Ring is available in two colors: Rose Gold or Slate Gray. I prefer the Slate Gray finish, it goes with virtually any outfit! One thing that really annoyed me with my fitness trackers that I wore on my wrist is how bulky it looked under my sleves.

The ring is made to be very durable, it will withstand all your daily activities but overtime it will probably develop scratches. There have been a lot of people who lift weights that have reported this. Motiv said that the scratches are purely cosmetic and will not effect the performance of the ring. One thing you could do to lessen the amount of scratches is to not wear the ring on your dominate hand.

Motiv Ring: Tracking and Accuracy

Motiv Ring Tracking

Different trackers have different goals. What I mean by this is remember how the FitBit centered around trying to get you to take 10,000 steps a day? Well, with Motiv they focus on the American Heart Association’s recommendation of getting 150 active minutes per week of moderate exercise. 

Most fitness trackers have a way for you to start activity tracking but there it’s a way to do that with the Motivation ring. However, it will recognize and track activities on it’s own. To test this feature I wore the Motiv ring, Apple watch and my FitBit to see how these three compared. 

I was surprised to find that the Motiv Ring was just as accurate as the other two. In fact, between the three the activities were only a minute or two off. When it came to running a all-day step test, the Motivation ring was only about 300 steps away from what my Apple Watch recorded. I thought this was pretty impressive given it’s tiny size. The Motive ring is close enough for the casual fitness tracker. 

The next test came when I tested the Heart Rate monitor. The Motive ring showed Data that was very similar to my Apple watch. However it was not nearly as accurate as the data I measured with Biostrap (likely the World’s most accurate and advanced fitness tracker).

Lastly, when it came to sleep tracking Motiv was pretty accurate and tracked the whole sleeping process. I thought that the sleep tracking was a lot more accurate than my Apple Watch. With the sleep tracking on my Apple Watch I had issues where it would randomly record that I was awake and moving for minutes at a time during the night when i didn’t get out of bed at all. I didn’t have any problems like this with Motiv’s sleep tracking

Motiv Ring Features and App 

Motiv App Features

One big downside to this fitness tracker is that it is only currently available for Apple smartphones. Data gathered by your Motiv ring will sync seamlessly to your app. it will track all sorts of things like sleep, active, distance, steps, calories, active minutes, active heart rate and the list goes on and on! To sync the Motive ring all you need to do is twist the ring a few times while it’s on your finger and a purple light on the ring will flash to indicate that syncing is complete. Super simple! 

The app itself is vey clear and easy to navigate. It’s full of colorful charts to make reading and understanding data a breeze. One thing I didn’t like about Motiv’s app is the type of data presented when viewing your sleep habits. It’s just not as in-depth as some of the other fitness trackers out there. So if you are a sleep-nerd this might be a little disappointing. It also don’t allow you to export this data or look at long term data. 

This is a trend I’ve noticed in other parts of the app data. They do a great job of providing a quick look at your stats but there isn’t any long-term analysis that you can view. However, one part of the app that does a great job with being more in-depth and giving you more information is the activity tracking. You can view a graph comparing your activity and steps  with your heart rate over the same time frame with was really cool. Another negative aspect was that you can’t see any of your data in real time like if you are in the middle of a run. This fitness tracker and app probably wouldn’t be the best for athletes looking for real-time feedback on pace/ heart rate for training purposes. 

While it does suck that you can see real lime data, one really cool feature is that Motiv can identify activities for you or if it’s not sure what a activity is it will ask you to label it. This is pretty cool and there are a wide variety of activities that you can choose from! 

Motiv Ring Battery Life and Charging

The battery on the Motive ring will last about three days and this will vary based on activity. I thought that three days was a pretty accurate estimate. When you compare this to other activity trackers, it’s not vary impressive. But than again for such a small device it’s not that bad. The battery did last longer than my Apple Watch which I had to charge about every other day. 

One aspect that is actually impressive is how Motiv is charged. Motiv is charged by a tiny USB charger that plugs right into your laptop. Motive stays on the charger with the help of a magnet that helps it click and stay in place. It will have a red light to indicate that the device is charging but not yet fully charged. Once Motiv is charged the device will change to a green light. 

Another great thing about Motive is that it comes with a keychain charger. This is really handy when you are on the go. It’s great to have the ability and convenience to change Motiv on your keychain. While you will have to charge Motiv every three days or so, charging the title device is very easy and painless. 

Where to buy the Motiv Ring and Cost

Motiv Ring Design

The Motiv Ring is priced at $199.00 and can be ordered through the official brand website at To get the ordering process started you will first get a ring set so you can test out different sizes and get the size that fits you best.  By ordering from the official website you will get: 

  • FREE priority Shipping within the US
  • 45 Day money back guarantee
  • 1 Year limited warrenty

Keep in mind that the Motiv Ring currently only currently supports iSO devices and you can get signed up to be notified once they start supporting Android devices. 

Here is what will be included in the box once you order your Motiv Ring: 

  • Motiv ring
  • USB Magnetic Keychain Charger
  • Extra USB magnetic charger

Final Verdict - Is Motiv the activity tracker for you? 

With it’s small and stylish design Motiv makes a great fitness tracker for any one that is looking for a powerful and low-key device that won’t get in the way. If you are a athlete that is looking for super accurate data I would recommend Biostrap or if you want real-time performance feedback than I would recommend the Apple Watch. But if you want a sleek and stylish way to just keep track of the basics and your activity than Motiv is the right device for you! 

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Motiv Ring
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
by Dibakar Bala on Motiv Ring
Good but not Great

It is good, but not great in my Opinion. But, surely a nice addition to the whole wearable industry.

by QAS on Motiv Ring
Doesn't Work

Most of the reviews posted online are by paid professional reviewers. I am most certainly not a paid reviewer. I am an ordinary, but rather active, 41-year-old male from Upstate NY. A typical day for me involves 3-4 miles of brisk walking, 1-2 hours on a stationary bike, as well as multiple times a week going to the gym for weightlifting, rowing machine, and stair climbing. I also try and do a few 10-15 HIIT workouts a week to mix things up. I have found Google Fit on my phone works fairly well generally. Steps and mileage are accurate. I have to add other activities manually, as it cannot pick them up. But weight integrates nicely (WeightGurus) and automatically. No heart rate though. I purchased the Motiv with the following priorities:

•A small tracker that was fitness-oriented. I did not need texts, smart phone features, etc.

•Ring was a big motivator for purchase. Wrist devices (Fitbit, etc) are unwieldy, uncomfortable, and get caught on things.

•Sleep monitoring, esp time sleeping and resting HR.

•HR while working out and throughout the day was extremely important. I prefer not to have to carry around a finger pulse ox device.

•Being able to track all this without carrying my phone was a big plus.

I have now had the ring for about 10 days. I have worn it across country, while doing many different activities. I have no subjected it to water beyond brief bathroom handwashing- I do not shower with it on. I have worn it on 2 different fingers, one on each hand. I can say, certainly, that this ring utterly fails to meet even basic expectations, both hardware and app (Android). Here is a brief rundown of the craptacular spectacular:

•Heart rate is both invalid (seriously incorrect) and unreliable (incorrect differently at different times, often doesn’t register at all). Despite customer service assuring me it monitors every ten minutes, the light that blinks inside when it measures rarely goes off. Over the past few days I have put this to the test while exercising with 2 other heart rate monitoring devices, one being gym equipment sensor and the other a professional medical finger pulse ox monitor. Motiv is off by up to 60 bpm- clearly unacceptable and useless. That is, when it works. At times, even with strenuous exercise (165+ bpm) being maintained 10+ min, it fails to register anything at all. On two occasions it did the opposite- suddenly informing me I had done 15 min of exercise at the required level when I most assuredly was at the most casual stroll possible in 65 degree weather on level ground.

•Syncing often fails. Even manual syncing is highly unreliable, and the ring will often refuse to even attempt to sync (blue light) even with repeated slow spinning.

•Battery is nonsense. After every full charge battery drops by 10-15% within 2 minutes. A return to the charger shows the red light for several minutes, showing indeed battery drops. This is not merely an “app error” as customer service has tried to tell me.

•Activity detection has failed with all of the following activities: Fast walking, fast walking while carrying 27 lbs of weight (strenuous), running, cycling, swimming, treading water (7+ min), stair climbing (real stairs), stair step machine (2 different type of machines), and sex. However, did think a 3 min Ride on Space Mountain at Disney was worth 20 min of exercise.


•Crap from stem to stearn. Does not sync. Freezes, requiring phone reboot as at times even manual force quit will fail. Battery drain, runs constantly, despite doing nothing.

•Android features suck. You cannot add or modify exercise. Therefore, all data in past 10 days is entirely useless. Sleep times off by up to an hour, cannot be modified.

•Sleep CRAZY off. The “whole day screen” will show sleep times up to one hour off. The amount you slept the night prior is subject to change throughout the day as well. But, if you click on your sleep card, suddenly the average sleep per night become truly crazy. It will say 16+ hours. Once it told me my average daily sleep was 32 hours per day. I was impressed. At this moment my average sleep is 13 h 18 min (try 7). Naps are only occasionally captured.

•Can you see real-time heart rate? No. Can you ask for a current snapshot manually? No. Does it reliably measure heart rate through the day? No. Does it know when you are exercising? No. Can you somehow notify it to pay attention? No.

Customer service:

•Good luck. I have documented issues daily, in detail. I have received multiple copy/paste emails telling me how to manually sync the ring, send a “shake report,” and how they are “releasing a new update soon.” These canned responses were minimally helpful the first time, frustrating when repeated. Each takes 24-48 hours to receive.

•No phone number. This makes the entire company seem sketchy, in my opinion.

•Repeated requests regarding exchange/refund are not responded to with details. Allegedly there is a 45 day return policy.

•A Google groups message board exists, run by Motiv, for Android users to allegedly discuss/report these issues. However, the link sent by Motiv informs me you must be “approved” to join. It’s been a few days, so not too sure the board is operational.

Overall, save your money, this thing doesn’t work as advertised and dealing with the company is worse every day.