A Better Work Experience With Standing Desk Balance Boards

A standing desk is a great way to make your daily work routine less stationary and healthier. In fact, sitting for hours on end is terrible for our health. This is why a lot of tech companies now don’t have chairs for their employees!

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We have started to see that treadmills have found their way under the stand-up desk, but that is not a realistic option for everyone. I believe balance boards are a great alternative to just standing, and the desk treadmills because it’s less distracting, cheaper, and softer on your feet.

Balance boards are a great addition to any standing desk environment, will improve the experience, and are more affordable!

Balance boards can keep your mind and body engaged to increase focus, improve productivity, and fight away fatigue and prevent fatigue, sourness, and back pain. Even though standing desks are better for your health than sitting stationary for hours, standing still at a desk can also cause fatigue and back pain.

CAUTION: Not all balance boards should be used with a stand-up desk. In fact, some can be harmful to your knees and ankles. Read this article to know what you should look for in a balance board and what to avoid!


How to Choose a Balance Board for a Standing Desk?

Whether you are at work or your home office, a balance board will make you work experience better and healthier. A balance board will provide you with movements that will not distract you from your work. Balance boards can be used by beginners and intermediate users, and while there are many options, there are a few things that you should be taking into consideration: Desk Size: Take into account the height of your desk and how adjustable it is. If you are tall, a balance board with a larger surface area would be more comfortable. Budget: standing desk balance boards come in all shapes and sizes and also a wide range of prices. The good news is that there is something for every budget! You can find simple options for under $30 and expensive balance boards that can be over $400+. The key is to find a balance between your budget and the features that will best suit your needs. Type: there are a few different options for the kind of base your balance board can have. There are balance boards with a dome shape underneath that allow you to “wobble” in all directions and there are balance boards that share characteristics of a “rocker” and can go back and forth or side to side. We will get more into balance board types in a minute. Visual Design: how a balance boards look might be more important to you if you are buying it for your office than if you were looking for a board for your home. There are a wide variety of balance boards made for balance training, exercise, and even physical therapy. Balance boards for standing desks are starting to become more common but not every balance board is good for a standing desk user. If you are looking to add a balance board to your standing desk than you are in the right place. In this article, you will find my top-rated balance boards for standing best, the balance board I personally use, and how to pick the best standing balance board for you!  

Best Stand-Up Desk Balance Boards

The best balance board for your standing desk is a balance board that is easy to balance on so that it won’t distract you from your work. Here are the best balance boards for a stand-up desk!  

My Standing desk Balance Board: Kumo Board

There really isn’t a balance board that is perfect for every situation. When you are choosing a balance board for your standing desk, consider what features are most important to you. Price, appearance, design, color, material, features, quality, etc. I like the Kumo Board because it’s very comfortable to stand on for extended periods of time, it has a built-in rocker but also has other options like an air cushion and roller. I love that it is versatile and I’m not the only one in my family to use it. It’s a great balance trainer so I can easily take a break and get a good core and leg workout during the workday! Since it is inflatable, I can easily transport it and I don’t need a mat to protect the floor or worry about damaging my hardwood floor. It’s grippy on the top for my feet but also on the bottom so it won’t slide out from underneath if I make an awkward shift. The Kumo Board is similar in price but has many more features making it a better choice in my book. I primiary work at home so the appearance factor what not imprtant to me. If you are in a office that requires a more professional appearance than my second choice would be the Fluidstance balance board!

Kumo Board Inflatable Balance Board

Rating: 5/5 Price: $119+ Overview: The Kumo board is an inflatable balance board that has a built-in rocker but also an inflatable cushion and roller so you can customize the balancing difficulty. It can be used on any smooth surface and it will not damage flooring or furniture. This is probably the most portable balance board as it can be related, rolled up and carried using straps that are included. Pros and Cons: This balance board is portable and can be used on any smooth surface. It also has additional accessories that can be purchased if you choose to advance your balance skills away from the stand-up desk. Since it is inflatable, you can adjust the air pressure suit your liking. It can be softer for those seeking comfort or as firm as traditional balance baords. The only negative is that the appearance is not sleek and professional so it might not be the best option if appearance is inportant in your office. Where to Buy:  You can buy the Kumo Board and accessories at kumoboard.com and get 15% OFF with the Promo Code: JUNKIEBLOG
Made with strong and durable material Adjust the inflation pressure of the balance board with a roller to change the difficulty from beginner (low pressure) to expert (high pressure). Kumo Board’s soft construction also makes it one of the most comfortable standing desk balance boards available
You can read my full review of the Kumo Board for a more detailed look at this balance board but here are a couple highlights from other customers: Good Reviews: Very comfortable, Adjustable difficulty with increasing and decreasing air pressure. Material will not damage floors and furniture. Mulitpurose and reat for kids! Bad Reviews:  No notable complaints yet.
Item Dimensions: 31 x 17.5 x 3 inches Weight Limit: Up to 300 lbs Colors: Blue/Grey Construction: drop-stitch PVC (same material Stand Up Paddle Boards are made out of)

  The Plane (by FluidStance) Balance Board

Rating: 4.5/5 (89% are five-star ratings) Price: $189+ Overview: The Fluidstance is one of the best balance board you can get as it was specifically designed to be used with a stand-up desk. While Fluid stance has a few different models, they all have a similar design as to what motions you can do. The Fluid Stance Balance boards allow you to rock from side to side, heel to toe and twist around. Pros and Cons: The downside is that Fluidstance balance boards are one of the most expensive options for stand up desk balance boards. It’s awesome that they are built from all recycled material but the prices for one of their top models is over $400+. The good news is that The Plane by Fluidstance is the most affordable option. The price aside, these balance boards are stylish and a professional design to blend into any office setting. They also have a 30-day money back guarantee so you can try it out for yourself and see what a difference it can make to improve your work day! Where to Buy:  You can view the entire Fluidstance catalog of standing desk balance boards at their website. They also have bulk ordering options if you are looking to add balance boards to your office team.
Recycled plastic base, rubber top. Clean and stylish design means the Plane can live anywhere, whether a work environment or your family room
Here are the biggest and most common positive and negatives people have had to say about the Fluidstance The Plane Balance Board: Good Reviews: Well made, sturdy and environmentally friendly. The top deck is grippy and the bottom also has soft rubber pieces in the uppermost corners, preventing the deck from sliding out from under you. Its lightweight and easy to move. People like using it at home too, while doing dishes, watching tv, etc. Bad Reviews:  Some people complain that they can not feel muscles working and that overall it is more expensive than it should be.
Item Weight: 5.15 pounds Material: high-density polyethylene Item Dimensions: Length:24.0 inches Width:12.0 inches Height:2.5 inches Weight Limit: Up to 200 lbs Colors: Various Options Construction: Various Options (bamboo, aluminum, foam, recycled plastic rubber)

 Revolution FOCUS Standing Desk balance Board

Rated: 5/5 (only 20 reviews) Price: $149.95 Overview: This stand-up desk balance board is designed to give you a challenge and the 2 piece design was created to engage your entire body. One complaint is that also of the standing desk balance boards do not provide enough of a challenge. This balance board is fully adjustable with an air inflatable air cushion base. You can also buy this balance board with a small roller if you want to increase the balancing challenge. Pros and Cons: Top of the deck has a grip coating applied and the base has quite stop bumpers so you can use the board on any surface. An air pump is not required to inflate the cushion. Has a high weight limit of 450 lbs. Where to Buy: You can buy the Revolution Focus at Amazon.com 
A duragrip top deck maintains traction and anti-fatigue cushioning, while quiet stop bumpers on the base make this board usable on any surface. The stop bumpers on the base allow you to use this board on hardwood floors without having to worry about damage or using a mat. Weight rating of 450 lbs. Made in the USA You have the option of buying the “Pro” edition which includes a Focus board with the adjustable air cushion for work, plus the roller base for more advanced balance training and fitness.
Here are the biggest and most common positive and negatives people have had to say about the Revolution Focus Balance Board: Good Reviews: Challenging and a much better workout for core and muscles. Good quality and customer service. Bumpers and air cushion, won’t damage hardwood floors. Bad Reviews: I have yet to find any negative aspects of this standup desk balance baord.
Item Weight: 9.15lbs Warranty: 2 Year Weight Limit: 450lbs Made in the USA

Pono Board

Rated: 4.1/5 stars (79% five-star reviews)
Price: $149.95

Overview: This is a unique “balance” board, This board actually has four air-filled ball-bearings on each corner. You get to experience lateral instability. The amount of movement can be easily adjusted be changing the amount of air pressure in the balls. A pump is required but it is also included. This balance board is purposefully designed to minimize the front-back and side to side motion. So while the board moves left to right and back and forth but keeps you parallel to the ground. This is ideal for minimizing distractions while still stabilizing muscle

Pros and Cons: Most other balance boards are designed with a high center point in the middle and the tilt can cause a negative heal drop with is not an anti-ergonomic posture and could have negative side effects. Instead, you get all the benefits with micro-movements. It can be used with any exercise since it stays parallel to the ground. You can use it from crossfire to yoga and even use it at the beach.

Where to Buy: You can buy the Pono Board through their official website, or through Amazon.com.

You can buy the Orbs (feet) separately. There are two color options, both can be seen in the image above. Orbs need to be inflated and the pump is included. Uses Horizontal Plane Isolation movement.
Here are the biggest and most common positive and negatives people have had to say about the Pono Balance Board: Good Reviews: Flexibility to make it more or less flexibility. add or remove air pressure to vary difficulty level Great and responsive customer service comfortable enough to stand on all day Allows for movement without distraction High quality, the top is rough textured “sand” finish allowing for stand sanding Quick set up and inflation is quick No learning curve “a nice compromise between keeping muscles engaged and making micro-movements throughout your workday without becoming distracted and inefficient.” Stable Bad Reviews:  Issue with balls developing slow leaks Too much maintenance no unstable enough for a great core workout
Item Weight: 5.9lbs Dimensions: 14.5 x 29.5 x 3.5 in Weight Limit: 250lbs Made in the USA Material: Board: Sustainably harvested bamboo; Ball: PVC. Free of harmful phthalates & BPA

 Indo Original FLO Balance Board

Rating: 4.6/5 Stars (86% 5 Stars) Price: $119+ Overview: Indo Board is a balance trainer company that has been around for a very long time. While professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts use these Indo Board for balance training, it is also a good option for a standing desk when used with the Indo FLO cushion. This is a great option for if you would like a versatile deck. The Indo Deck can us used with a roller for a for advanced balance training. Pros and Cons: This is a high-quality board with awesome design options and great for a office atmoshere that is a little more laid back. You can also use it as a balance trainer and it has a carry bag that you can buy. It’s easy to set up and it a little more challenging than your typical standing desk balance board but you can adjust the difficulty levels by inflating or deflating the cushion. Downside it that the board is completely made of wood so you would probably want to use a mat underneth if you have hardwood flooring. Where to Buy: IndoBoard.com has the greatest selection but you can also find their products on Amazon if that is where you prefer to shop.
There are other accessories you can use with this balance board such as:

  • Indo Roller
  • Carry Bag
  • Indo Mat

They also have instructional videos for different exercises you can do. Another awesome feature is a wide variety of different designs and artwork avalible on the boards.

Indo Balance Board are always high quality and durable. You can read my full Indo board Review and guide for an overview of all the different balance board products they offer. Here are the biggest and most common positive and negatives people have had to say about the Indo Balance Board: Good Reviews: High-Quality Board, Great Design options, Good for all ages, Other applications other than the standing desk use, easy to store away and transport, has stoppers at the ends to prevent slipping, great customer service. Bad Reviews: Nothing notable. I have not been able to find any complaints about using the Indo Board and Cushion for a standing desk balance board!
 Dimensions: 30 x 18 x 3 inches Weight Limit: 275lbs Construction: Wood Colors: 11 Colors and Graphic Options

Gaiam Evolve Balance Board

Rating: 3.7/5 (Only 48% give it 5 stars) Price: $79.98 Overview: The Gaiam balance board will offer your body subtle movement while improving your focus and not distracting you from your work. The low impact rocking motion will engage your core muscles as you use them for stabilization. This stand-up desk balance board was built with an ergonomic design to promote natural positions for a proper posture. Pros and Cons: The nice thing about this balance board is that it is an option that is under $100 but, as we have learned from the experience of the previous buyer, be careful where you buy it. Some people that have purchased this through their party websites like eBay or Amazon. Buyer reports board came in Gaiam box but did not have a logo on the board – be wary offices. or problem with quality sent used/refurbished. Where to Buy: You can buy Gaiam’s balance board through Amazon.com or through the official Gaiam website.
Includes free workouts and How-to Videos No-slip: the top has a honeycomb texture for a safe and secure base with plenty of traction 90-day warranty
The Gaiam Evolve Balance Board reviews are pretty split between those that like it and those that do not. Here are the biggest and most common positive and negatives people have had to say about the Gaiam Evolve Balance Board: Good Reviews: Rocking good for stronger core Better than round board, size and shape allows for normal standing posture Good price point It’s lighter than some other boards so its easier to carry and transport Good size deck for foot placement Bad Reviews:  Foam footrest started to detach within three months of use for 3 days a week Not enough moment, just moderately shaky rather than balancing, not very challenge Many quality complaints regarding the rubber pad detaching from the board
Size: 27″L x 12″W x 3.65″H Item Weight: 6.5 lbs Weight Limit: 300 lbs Colors: Two-Tone Grey Construction: PU (polyurethane), PVC (poly vinyl), TPR (thermoplastic rubber)

Types of Balance Boards

The most common types of balance boards are rocker boards, roller boards, and wobble boards. While all of these can be used for balance training, not all are ideal for a standing desk environment. Balance boards that are ideal of an office environment generally fall in one of two categories: rocker boards or wobble boards. The best way to distinguish between the two is that rocker boards only rock from side to side and wobble board allow for 360-degree movement.

Here is a quick overview of each type of balance board to give you a better understanding of what is available.

Rocker Boards: A rocker board will give you two options: balancing back and forth or side to side and the desk is a rectangle shape. A rocker board is ideal for beginners as it will give you a great introduction to balance boards without being too much of a distraction. There are also different varieties of rocker balance board difficulty levels.

Wobble Boards: Wobble boards give you greater freedom of movement. While they do give you 360 degrees of balance action, it might be too of an unstable option. Wobble boards also vary in difficulty levels and features.

Roller Boards: Roller-boards are typically used for balance training that gives you an intense balance training session, and it requires all your focus. This is a reasonably challenging balance board to master. The price range of roller boards range from $120 to $200+, and often they will come in training “kits.” If you already have a roller board, you can easily re-purpose it for use in the office by getting an inflatable cushion! For example, you can get an inflatable cushion that is adjustable to different levels of instability. The IndoFLO Cushion and the Kumo Board Cushion are examples of an inflatable base that can be added to a deck. You can add air pressure to increase the difficulty of balancing.


Which balance boards are bad for standing desks?
Like I said before, not all balance boards are ideal for a stand-up desk environment. I recommend avoiding wobble boards with small disks. They are too responsive and “wobbly” and do not promote good ankle posture, especially is you will use it all day. Be care of boards that have a half dome that is mounting to the underside of the base. These can be tall and leave you standing too high. Also they could cause injury if used for an extended period of time as they do not promote good knee and ankle posture.
What is the difference between Standing Desk Balance Boards and Balance Trainers?
Balance boards for offices significantly differ from balance trainers. These are the main differences between traditional balance boards and balance boards for standing desks: Stand Up Desk Balance Boards: A lower degree of instability Firmer surface More comfortable to balance for fewer distractions Comfortable, less pressure on your feet and joints
Are you curious about a standing desk balance board that is not on this list? Comment below or get in touch with me through my contact form! I would love suggestions and feedback and to hear your experience with this topic! Feature Image Photo by rawpixel